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                                       The magnificence of betel

  • Betel nut is the most important herb.
  • Beneficial for good and harmful things
  • There is no feast without betel.
  • There is no point in treating a party without a bet.
  • There is no good sacred covenant without a betel.
  • There is no relationship without opening speech or betting.
  • There is no point in giving a wedding magazine without a pawn
  • The marriage contract is based on a pawn exchange
  • There is no wedding reception without a bet.
  • There is no value in worshipping without betel.
  • There is no value in removing the eye of evil without bleach.
  • Even today people follow a habit in the uncle’s house that they keep betel as a promise when they run any ceremony.
  • Betel is the most important herb.
  • betel is Beneficial for auspicious and inauspicious things
  • betel is avoiding food poisoning after allergic meals.
  • Betel is easily digesting any food.
  • Assuring the teeth is bleach. and strong.
  • Betel is a cleansing agent for the intestinal tract.
  • astrologer can say future prediction by the count of betel.
  • betel is an important medicine in country medicine.
  • pasting a little bit of betel for the headache will stop the pain.
  • Nagavalli is another name  for betel,
  • The betel leaf is dedicated as the garland to the goddess to get the holy things going
  • betel leaf garland is dedicated by people for getting cure from poisonous diseases. 
  • Babies are given betel stalks for digestion
  • betel is given to the new couple at the first night for getting more power.
  • betel helps to mingle the saliva of the new couple.
  • betel plus pepper will be given to those who have bitten by a poisonous animal.
  • betel is using when getting prediction by a priest
  • betel is good medicine for cancer. but do not eat with tobacco 
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what is yoga? what is the yoga benefits?

     Today most people say the word "yoga", And wish to practise yoga. Yoga can be used in anyways. not only for health but in all dimensions. Nowadays more people like yoga. the other people apart from India also come and learn yoga. Before learn yoga one should know what is yoga? why we must do yoga? how to understand yoga and its power?. What is your purpose for learning yoga?

What is yoga?  

  1. Yoga means ‘unity’.  
  2. Yoga means Feeling oneness. It is a  practice of body, mind and spiritual discipline.
  3.  Yoga works on all aspects of the person in all stages. 
  4. we can say yoga is divine science for right living and understanding visible and no visible.  
  5. ‘yoga ‘  is a spiritual word. it denotes the path to the divine world. 
  6. yoga is mental balancing art. Yoga is a language to talk with our body. 
  7. Yoga is a social art to understand the situation of a nation. 
  8. Yoga is a tool to change one’s character. Yoga is a tool to understand our previous birth also. 
  9. We can dominate each and every atom and tissue of our body.  
  10. Yoga is the only medicine for any disease. Yoga is a property of humankind, not for any religion.
what are the benefits of yoga?

  1. If we start to do practice yoga we get these Benefits. 
  2. your mind will be peaceful,
  3. you get a weight loss or weight gain by yoga, which means we have a healthy weight. 
  4. Whatever disease we have before doing yoga, all will vanish. 
  5.  Yoga asana gives a flexible body.  and glowing skin and colour also. 
  6. You will look bright face with “Tejus"
  7. Readers must Remember yoga practice is a continuous process. Practice makes perfect. If you do yoga daily you will get more benefits from your practice and experience of feeling. 
  8. Yoga helps to understand at all level as body, mind and sprite levels. 
  9. It is very very important that learn yoga and do yoga under the supervision of well-trained yoga masters or yoga therapists
Caution: yoga is not a substitute for medicine. It will help in all stages of getting healthy. before the start of yoga consult your doctor.


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